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NAH is making news. Since we have collectively decided to share the Never Accept Hate ideology people want to know more. That includes media, newsletters, podcasts and other platforms. Here’s a link to some of what has been going on. Should you have a platform and want to invite a NAH representative we’d be happy to facilitate. Just go to our contact page and send us a note.

In the News:

GVPOD – Greater Vancouver’s Business Podcast: Understanding the customer journey and #NAH, with Andeen Pitt

A MOment: A Lesson from Mr. Dang: Sharing a lesson from his high school social studies teacher Mr. Dang, This is VANCOLOUR host Mo Amir speaks on how we all need to do more, speak up, and never accept hate.

The Full Show: Guest host George Affleck speaks to Alvin Wasserman about Hate crimes and the NAH Collective

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