The NAH Collective started with a few people who believed that the time had come for a very visible communications program to help address rising hate incidents. While there are many web sites and resources out there providing tools and counter measures many were hard to find and needed amplification. We hope the NAH campaign will heighten awareness of the issue, provide some paths to actions and direct people who want to deepen their understanding to the very well researched and thoughtful resources out there. Mostly we want to make it easier for people to say safely and proudly that they Never Accept Hate.

April 26, 2022: Never Accept Hate Campaign Launches

NAH Advisory Circle

Dr. Reginald D’Silva
Associate Dean, Equity & Strategic Programs UBC

Shushma Datt OBC
Canadian radio and television broadcaster

Dr. Margaret Kovach Professor
Department of Educational Studies UBC

Nina Krieger
Executive Director Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Tesicca Truong | 張慈櫻 | Trương Từ Anh
Anti-Oppressive Dialogue and Facilitation Specialist


How to become a partner

The NAH Collective is just that, a collection of individuals from all walks of life who share the same belief that hate has no place in our communities and in society as a whole.

We welcome individuals to become supporters, business to get behind the initiative and amplify what we are doing.

If you believe you can help us you probably can. Contact us